URBEX - Urban Exploration

Everything Undressed e-book

The e-book-version of 'Everything Undressed' is now available from every good bookstore. Published by Mabel the Label in association with urbex.abandon.dk


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Jan Emil Christensen is an urbex photographer who needs his fix of rooftops in the night and nude models far from their daily routine - this book showcase his photos.

Umpff is a lyricist, producer and musician, who's finding inspiration in the visuals of urbex photography, that end up as lyrics for pop-songs - or the poetry in this book.

Middle of a Western

This new video from Terminal Argh feat. Peter Kingsbery features hand-held super8-recordings from urban France in the late 60s. This is real retro, from the vaults of Urbex - Urban Exploration.

Directed by Jah Bozo.

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Our book Urbex – Urban Exploration is now on sale at every good digital book-store.
Photos by Jan Emil Christiansen, words, stories and art-direction by Maja Vind & Umpff. Published by Mabel The Label

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Map used for exploring the catacombs of Paris. See our huge gallery on our Facebook-page

http://www.abandon.dk/catakort_farve.zip (right-click on file and choose "save as" - map possibly updated since we were there, but this is the one we used. Huge file (70mb)!
New video - Terminal Argh 'Copenhagen (DJ Butterface Remix Featuring James Dellatacoma)' - featuring a whole lotta photos by Jan Emil Christensen.