Preview #4 of our coming Pripyat-book.

Revel in the peoples and the landscapes, the art and architecture, the questionable culture and formidably hazardous cuisine of one of the world’s foremost flea-bitten, back-water, hillbilly shitholes. All this without leaving the comfort of your easy chair.” - Lonely Planet

"A Pripyat Summer" - an addled exploration of the Chernobyl Exclusion Zone. Out Jan. 2015

Download Preview #4 of "A Pripyat Summer.

In this episode:
Chernobyl 3 fools no one;
the Belgians film a state secret (a capital offence but no biggie...);
the Belgians insult our guide's camera (and are now SERIOUSLY fucked!);
it's time for a little chocolate fiesta!