APS disclaimer

A Pripyat Disclaimer

A few years ago I was commissioned to write the text for a proposed book compiling a selection of Jan-Emil Christiansen's Chernobyl photos. The story of the Urbex team's visit to the Ukraine would have to be laid down, supplimented by  relections and quotes from extensive interviews with the crew as well as their own written accounts and diaries. Each picture should be set in its correct historical, cultural, social and anthropological context. This would ultimately entail a herculian ammount of research involving weeks of combing Denmark's caotically organised library shelves, rummaging through newspaper archives for relevant articles from the day. Not to mention weeks of compiling and correlating the overwhelming resource of online knowledge that the 21st century provides. Perhaps even a visit to the Chernobyl Exclusion Zone might be in order, just to get a feel for the place, and see what all the fuss was about. But I honestly couldn't be bothered. I mean, who would be interested in pouring through a bunch of factoids and dry, academic codswollop...? Let alone writing it? Jesus-H-Zombie-Christ-in-a-strapless-pink-dress no! So I was like... Fuck it! and just made the whole shit up.

A full-color, print-on-demand tome, the original "A Pripyat Summer" was insanely expensive both to purchase and transport internationally (and a chore to comfortably hold in 2 hands on your lap) due to its considerable size and weight.

This is the pre-re-print, digest re-write of the original, posted and hosted here as it gradually comes to fruition. Its long-awaited sequel, "A Pripyat Winter" will follow closely on its heels.

To those who got past the reviews without comprehending that what they are reading is nonsense and satire and are feeling butt-hurt over the book's content... well, I guess it must suck to be you! And to those who are easily triggered by brutal, arbitrary and gleeful misrepresentations of history, culture, religion and anthropology, each committed with an apparent sense of wanton abandon and joyous impunity: feel free to direct your hand-wringing to the comments section. I love a laugh.

This is as much of a disclaimer as you're going to get.